La Villa Rose

North Caicos

Things to do

The Island
North Caicos is a 41-square-mile island in the Turks and Caicos Islands.  There
is an outer protective reef, and the turquoise blue sea is warm and safe to swim

The population is approximately 1500, many of whom live in one of the four
main Settlements at Bottle Creek, Whitby, Kew and Sandy Point.  Whitby beach
is a seven mile stretch of white sand which you will often have to yourself.
Three tiny islands, known as Three Mary’s Cays, have good snorkelling and one of
Them  hosts an osprey nest.  The  island’s flamingos, frequently congregate at
Flamingo Pond, where there is a special viewpoint (about a mile from the house)
from which these birds and others can be observed.  A window into the island’s
history can be found at the ruins  of Wades Green sugar plantation.

K & J’s general & food store about ¾ of a mile going towards Bottle Creek.  You
can buy all basic foodstuffs, household items basic medication here.   It is open 7
days a week, Monday - Saturday 8am till 6pm, and Sunday 8-10am.   You can top
Up the house cell phone here, and you will find Tina who is usually serving in the
shop very friendly and helpful. They take most Credit cards, but I think not
American Express cards.   There is no bank on the island (though there are 12
churches!) but there is an ATM machine in Bottle Creek approximately 8 miles
from La Villa Rose.   The currency is US dollars.  The island has not been spoilt
by sprawling seafront developments despite its proximity to the booming
Providenciales.  The locals all know one another and there is a genuine sense of
Community, and welcome to strangers.
A Causeway connects North Caicos to Middle Caicos.  There are lovely cliff views
over the Blue Horizon Resort, where you find Mujdin restaurant with a
Spectacular views to the sea down below. From near here a secret set of stairs
can be found leading down to a cave below.  In Conch village on Middle Caicos
you will find another good cafe, Daniel’s.   It has a local West Indian atmosphere,
and good fresh fish.